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What is it?

(A personal note from Bruce...)

Chances are, if you're visiting my glove sale website, you're actually looking for something.

What is it?

Perhaps you remember your glove from Little League. That Spalding Whitey Ford, or the Don Demeter Trap-Eze, or maybe the Wilson Early Wynn. Or the Rawlings Spittin' Bill Doak. Or maybe it was that swell glove that the OTHER kid had. That Mickey Mantle glove. Or that Roger Maris glove. Or maybe it was the COACH'S Rawlings XPGP Heart of the Hide or A2000. Wow. You remember it. It was too expensive then, but you never forgot about it.

But times have changed. You've grown up, and now you find yourself in a different place.

And you're looking for it.

And you want to "go back" to those days.

What you'll find here - old baseball gloves - are what I like to call "time machines". Pick one up, slide the cool leather onto your hand, pound your fist into the thick leather, hear the POP! The smile won't hold back any longer.

And then...

You lift the glove up to your face. You bury your nose into the pocket, and inhale deeply - poof! Oh, that leather smell. It's the final sense that takes you back to that simpler time - Of sandlots and Schwinn balloon-tire bikes and hot, lazy summer afternoons at the ballpark.

Maybe that's why you're here? If so, well, you're not crazy, and certainly not alone, not by a longshot. Collectors, private individuals, Corporate Execs, Sports Advertising and Media people - they've all been here.

It happens all the time. It happened to me.

I hope you find something you like.


I've been collecting gloves for a long time now. Over the years, I've accumulated a lot of gloves that I've really enjoyed. And I still treasure them, but the time has come to let someone else in on them.

Much of it you will see here as the days/weeks/months go by, so come on back from time to time. I plan to put together an email list that you can sign up for and be notified when I make updates to the site. I've also been on ebay a LONG time - since 1996 - before it was ebay (the days of AuctionWeb), and my feedback there (100% Positive) across several ebay accounts is representative of my philosophy that I like to be treated fairly, and I try to do the same for people that I deal with.

The same, of course, goes with my dealings here. I've been here a long time, too - it's also been 100% positive.

Perhaps old fashioned in today's world, but I still believe in the Golden Rule. It also represents my philosophy in doing business.

Thanks for stopping by.

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"It's easy to order gloves from you, Bruce. I always know what I'm getting - and that's the best stuff."

- Roger W.

"I just picked up the glove from the post office and it looks amazing! Again, thank you so much!"
-Magen R.

"I wanted to let you know that I received my 2-patch's perfect!"

- Nick B.