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The gloves on this page are something special.

They are all TOP quality Rawlings Heart of the Hide (or equivalent) gloves that I have hand picked to have professionally restored (most of them COMPLETELY) by Kenny Jenkins, who worked for 20+ years at Rawlings, making and repairing gloves.. Complete restoration includes: New lining, binding (piping), lacing, Rawlings patch, pinky/thumb loops, path, and a full reconditioning and reshaping. These are done so well that you will like have to do some light break-in again. Don't be fooled by the price; all you need to do is slip one of these one your hand and smell the "old leather become new". It's like slipping behind the wheel of a completely restored 69 1/2 Dodge SuperBee with a SixPak and lift-off hood. Just awesome.

These gloves are designed (and were restored) to be PLAYED with, they are that much like new. But it's hard to bring myself to taking them out and use them, so I only do that with a couple of them (my keepers).


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RARE Rawlings XPG6 HOH Reggie Jackson glove
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Rawlings XPG6 Reggie Jackson Heart of the Hide. An extremely RARE glove (made only briefly in the 1970s), and hard to find.
Price: $SOLD
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"It's easy to order gloves from you, Bruce. I always know what I'm getting - and that's the best stuff."

- Roger W.

"I just picked up the glove from the post office and it looks amazing! Again, thank you so much!"
-Magen R.

"I wanted to let you know that I received my 2-patch's perfect!"

- Nick B.