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Bill Doak was not only a great baseball player, but he was also a pioneer. He patented the The Bill Doak Baseball glove design, which featured a groundbreaking adustable web, which would quickly displace the fixed, 1" webs of the 'teens and early '20s.
Doak gloves were quickly adopted as the glove of choice for players of all skills and levels, including many MLB Players of that era. They were even used as Government Issue (G.I.) for the military in the 1940s.
Bill Doak gloves were constructed to the highest of quality, featuring 100% leather (including the binding), and were made in various incarnations over the years, and even rebranded by smaller Sporting Goods companies.
While Doak gloves are relatively common with no cloth wristrap labels, or even with a single "Rawlings" cloth label ("patch"), the small number of those that survive with the second "Bill Doak Glove" label are highly prized, and continue to be sought after by collectors.
I've always been a big fan of the Bill Doak Glove, and here on my site, you'll Doak gloves from all eras - from the 1920s through the 1940s. And in many cases, they will have BOTH cloth labels on the wriststrap. Over the years, I've sought out those in particular.
Every collection's GOTTA have a Doak!
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1922 Bill Doak Glove
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1922 Bill Doak vintage baseball glove. Great condition; a super hard to find Early Doak with 2 patches. The CLASSIC!
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1940s Bill Doak 5BD Glove
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1940s Bill Doak Model 5BD vintage baseball glove. Superb condition, with a gorgeous early Rawlings patch. Another CLASSIC!
Price: $SOLD


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