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1980s Mizuno MT8000 "Opti-Web" vintage baseball glove

You have to hand it to Mizuno. Of all the glove companies over the years, they have produced some of the most innovative gloves on the market, some bordering on bizarre. Witness the great Mizuno MT8000, aka "Opti-Web".

By all rights, it's actually a fairly normal glove, with pretty decent construction, and a well laced-in web. But... what is UP with that web?

That's right, it's sort of some thick green-tinted polyvinyl material that is actually SEWN into the web, making it very secure indeed. Think if it as a pair of "flip-up" sunglasses built right into the glove. An "Optics-enabled" web. Built-in Ray-Bans. Huh.

Still after all these years, on this 12" or so example, the vinyl is still flexible, and shows no sign of cracking. It has some fine surface "swirls" from years of use, but... it's still going strong. And definitely funky. And uber-cool.

I actually looked up the Patent for this one. As I recall, the description somehow rationalized how this sort of tinted lens web would assist the ballplayer when fielding fly balls on a sunny day. Yeah, that must be it!

So... if your collection is looking a little... "ordinary" lately, here's your chance to spruce it up with a real conversation piece. Especially when you take it to the game!
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